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We often receive frantic calls from families who say that their loved one is being discharged from the hospital today, and they are unable to take care of their needs on their own. Many people are left to cope with taking care of family members who have been hospitalized or in rehabilitation for an injury or an illness. Transitional Care can help families immensely.

JMAKE can provide a trained and compassionate caregiver to help you navigate those first few weeks at home. We can be there to assist in establishing medication and nutrition regimes, sleeping patterns as well as other disciplines needed in order to avert a hospital re-admission.

Our caregivers are trained to work with the discharge plan from the facility, visiting nurse or occupational therapist and help the family develop a plan that will meet the needs of their loved one in their own home.

The first two weeks are crucial in making sure that someone is doing everything needed to ensure a successful recovery at home. Our caregivers are often the difference in readmission to the hospital or rehab, and recovery or maintenance at home.
Let us make sure that readmission to a hospital is not needed.

JMAKE takes great pride in our ability to help families navigate this difficult time. We begin helping families from the first phone call we receive requesting help. If we are only able to provide information on what Hospice means and how to go about getting services and durable goods such as hospital beds, oxygen, commodes etc., we are happy to do so. We feel that this is part of the service you are looking for. Should you decide you would like to meet with us to get more information, we will come out and meet with the family when it most convenient for you. We often do this the same day we receive the call.

All caregivers who perform hospice work are trained to do so and have demonstrated that ability on previous cases with our company. This aspect of care takes a person who not only has the skills and knowledge to help out with this level of care, but almost as importantly, they have the compassion, patience and caring to be able to help the entire family. When a family member receives hospice care, it affects all aspects of their life, and everyone who is associated with them. Our caregivers realize that and give support when necessary, but also know to allow family and friends the time to be alone when needed. Although most hospice care requires 24/7 live-in help, we also provide this level of care on an hourly basis. We tailor the care to meet the family’s needs.

Hospice Care can be a very beautiful experience for those involved. Having your loved one in their own home, with those they love around them, can be a very powerful and healing experience for all those involved. Let us help you bring your loved one home, where they belong.

There are many families who have the resources within their own home to provide caregiving services for a loved one, but who need a break from time to time. Caregiving can take a physical and emotional toll on everyone involved, including the person who is getting the help. As such, it is important for the caregiver to find time to get away and recharge. It also gives the person receiving the care a break from feeling like a burden to those providing the care. This is where JMake Home Services can help.

Our caregivers themselves are made to take time off, and understand the value of doing so. By doing so themselves, it allows them to more easily fill in for a family member who needs time off and identify why they need a break. Providing respite for a family caregiver allows everyone involved space to get re-energized and gain a fresh perspective on the situation at hand. Without taking time to step back and look at the situation as it is today, both the caregiver and the person receiving the care may lapse into a negative routine which is not healthy for anyone involved in the family.

Respite Care can be for a day, overnight, a week or a month. There is no set amount of time you must use this service. It is designed to assist you in your mission to help a loved one, not replace you in that role. We provide Respite Care on a regular basis for families who take vacations, attend weddings or graduations etc., go on business trips and for others who just need a break.
Taking a break benefits everyone. Let us, let you, take a break.

We at JMAKE value our freedoms and liberty’s which are protected by those who serve our country, so it makes sense that we should care for our veterans. The sacrifices made by our men and woman in the armed forces provide us all with the freedoms we enjoy each and every day.

We are proud to honor our servicemen and woman and to provide them with the compassionate and reliable home care they need and deserve. We work with all our veterans to find home care services and the means to pay for them as much as we can. We try and provide each veteran and their family information on services such as the Aid and Attendance reimbursement program. This is a government benefit to their pension that enables them to receive reimbursement for home care services. We also work with each individual family to help with the cost of services should they not meet the criteria for Aid and Attendance.

As only a veteran can understand what another veteran is going through, we look to hire veterans as caregivers, whenever appropriate. We look to place these caregivers with other veterans when their skill sets meet the needs of the person requiring the services. Our experience has shown that when one veteran helps another, the outcomes are very good.
If you are a veteran and need someone to give you a hand up, please give us a call. We’re here to help.

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